MyCointainer x Neutrino Airdrop

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Required tools:

How to join:

  • 1. Visit the MyCointainer x Neutrino Airdrop Page.
  • 2. Register an account at MyCointainer. (Mandatory)
  • 3. Submit Neutrino USDN address from MyCointainer. (Mandatory)
  • 4. Follow MyCointainer and Neutrino Protocol on Twitter. (Mandatory)
  • 5. Retweet the tweet of Mycointainer on Twitter. (Mandatory)
  • 6. Retweet the tweet of CryptoAdventure on Twitter. (Mandatory)
  • 7. Join MyCointainer Telegram Group.
  • 8. 200 random participants will receive 2 USDN each.
  • 9. Deposit and Buying rounds will guarantee up to 8 USDN in prizes.
  • 10. Share your referral link and earn more entries.

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More about MyCointainer x Neutrino

MyCointainer is online automatic staking and masternode staking platform. Which means they will generate profit for you in the form of 'stakes'.

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