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  • 1. Go to iTrue Airdrop page. 
  • 2. Join iTrue Telegram
  • 3. Like iTrue Facebook
  • 4. Follow iTure Twitter
  • 5. Subscribe iTrue Reddit
  • 6. You will be asked by e-mail to pass KYC at the end of the Airdrop campaign.

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More about iTrue

iTrue is a Blockchain service solution with an integrated authentication system with biometrics as its basic microservice service, which allows companies and developers to create secure, scalable and extensible applications. Its innovative stone storage solution guarantees high speed and capacity without sacrificing security and privacy. iTrue is rated 3.2 on ICO Bench iTrue is airdropping 400 ITU tokens ( ~$4 ) to airdrop participants. ICO price: 1 ITU = 0.01 USD

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