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IOVO is allocating 350ETH + $5M worth of IOVO tokens! The more tasks you do, the more stakes you earn. The more stakes you get, the more ETH and IOVO you will receive to your Ethereum Wallet.

: The amount exact number of tokens you receive will depend on how many participants take part of this ICO. This will turn out in the end of ICO. As of today, this bounty has 5000 participants and currently their average reward would be around $500 worth of IOVO tokens. However, the number of participants will grow daily and the reward in the end can still be very high depending on how many tasks you will participate in (Can be 10-1000 USD).

Earn Stakes doing the following:

1. Chat and follow the instructions with IOVO Telegram Bot.
2. Invite a lot of friends to Telegram chat using the bot to EARN A LOT MORE.
3. Join IOVO Telegram group and post a constructive message.
4. Submit your email to the airdrop bot and verify it.
5. Submit your ETH address to the bot, You will get 3 stakes.
6. For every referral, you will get 2 stakes.


OPTIONAL TO EARN MORE STAKES (This will boost your rewards a lot): (Recommended to advanced users)

You can earn more stakes if you do Facebook / Twitter / Youtube / Reddit and BitcoinTalk Tasks. Read the full instructions on this BitcoinTalk thread.

- Recommended: Join our Telegram channel to receive new airdrops!

More about IOVO Premium

The Internet of Value Omniledger is a next-generation blockchain (DAG) decentralized database ecosystem. IOVO is dedicated to giving control of data ownership and monetization to the people actually generating the data.

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