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FinSwap Airdrop is worth $13 in FNSP tokens. Invite your friends to earn $1 worth in FNSP tokens for each, up to $7. 

How to join:

  • 1. Go to the FinSwap Airdrop form. 
  • 2. Join FinSwap on Telegram Group & Channel
  • 3. Follow FinSwap on Twitter.
  • 4. Follow FinSwap on Reddit
  • 5. Follow FinSwap on Discord
  • 6. Follow FinSwap on Medium & Give claps on Medium Post.
  • 7. Invite at least 3 members to the official Telegram Group to become eligible. (You can invite up to 10 Members)
  • 8. Submit your Ethereum Wallet Address and other details to the Airdrop form. You will receive $13 in FNSP tokens.

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More about FinSwap

FinSwap is an advanced feature-rich online trading dex tool that provides a plethora of features to enable users a never seen experience of crypto trading. FinSwap is building the next generation product to power the future of Decentralized Finance (DeFi). The FNSP token will be used to pay for transaction fees and purchasing services within the platform. The platform (Watch Demo) will automatically identify token holders, providing them with a discount for all services and interactions with the platform. Additionally, large holders of FNSP tokens will be granted access to various premium services. All fees collected will be utilized back into the ecosystem based on voting by token holders as part of governance rights.

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