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Crypto Commonwealth is airdropping $15 COMMs. Will be opened to trade in 2 months (January 2020).

How to Join 


  • 5. Share airdrop on your Twitter and Facebook. Earn an extra 2 COMMS per invitation (Read full terms on airdrop form).
  • 6. Comment on Bitcointalk thread (Read full terms on airdrop form).

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More about Crypto Commonwealth

Crypto Commonwealth is a digital currency asset manager and publisher, dedicated to maximizing the benefits of its communities. We are a group of portfolio managers, quantitative researchers and senior IT engineers with varied backgrounds. Most of us own advanced degrees in quantitative disciplines. We see abundant investment opportunities in the highly volatile yet rapidly growing crypto markets, and decide to set up a semi-decentralized crypto fund intended for the welfare of the most. We endeavor to benefit all investors, large or small, from the forthcoming and exhilarating blockchain era.

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