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It is still not too late to join! Airdrop expires on November 12nd.

How to join?

  • 1. Register for the CoinDeal Airdrop, by creating an account.
  • 2. Go through the verification process (ID and Proof of Address)
  • 3. 100 CDL tokens will be added to your wallet.

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More about CoinDeal

CoinDeal is determined to be in the vanguard of efficient innovators and disruptors and becoming the first to set the new course for cryptocurrency exchanges that are globally licensed, compliant, and offer the highest possible number of legitimate pairs of crypto-to-crypto, as well as, Crypto to Fiat. CoinDeal’s focus is to become a key player that is able to maintain the current vision of cryptocurrencies while bridging the established world of banking. The CDL is an internal exchange token that was created to create additional functionality within the cryptocurrency exchange platform that is CoinDeal. The token will allow for lower fees, more crypto and fiat pairings, as well as staking the token via CoinDeal to i.e. lower your market maker fee to even 0.0000%.

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